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With over 20 years experience in successfully delivering software and hardware solutions to a diverse range of clients, Neo Networks has the knowledge to get your business infrastructure running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Welcome to Neo Networks!

Neo Networks can tailor solutions that are practical, reliable and, most importantly match the expected growth of your business. We have over twenty years experience supporting small to medium businesses stream line their IT systems to increase their equipments reliability  and their employees productivity.


We offer a range of support solutions , all of which provide different levels of access to expertise and services required to provide your business a complete IT department to service your every requirement

VPN Solutions

A VPN Solution allows you to work with the security of a local connection while being at remote locations.

Internet Solutions

We recommend & provided Internet solutions for SMB's through two major Australian ISP's to allow you to gain the most out of your network.

Backup Solutions

We supply a range of backup solutions to our clients and work with them to implement what is best for their business.

Web Hosting

By partnering with proven hosting providers we are able to provide a responsive browsing experience with high server uptime for your website.

Remote Support

Avoid expensive call out fees through our remote access products, allowing your technical problems to be solved quicker to get you back to work.

Internet Gateways

Capture a list of every visited web site. Our custom reporting utilities increase your IT security and employee productivity.

our Services

Our three tailored solutions helps your businesses plan for and meet your IT requirements while also maximising the return on your IT investment


  1. ADHOC Support Package 
    If you want access to support only when you need it and don’t have the need for constant support or an in-house IT department, our Ad-Hoc package support service is suited to your business. Many companies with internal IT resources like to have the luxury of having someone who is able to provide with them with assistance on designs or implementations. We’ll provide you with IT support or advice on an on-demand basis while you look after the day to day IT requirements of the business.
  2. Pre Purchased Support
    Getting started on a prepaid Service Pack is easy, no fixed term contracts to sign and you decide what you want to spend in advance. Simply purchase pre-paid blocks of support hours and receive technical IT support in blocks of 10, 25, 50 or 100 hours.
  3. Complete IT Management
    We provide expert support for desktops, servers and other network equipment.
    Our experienced engineers quickly resolve issues minimizing your businesses downtime and improving productivity. We offer a proactive service which sees that you are advised of potential issues before they become real ones.
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If you would like to discuss once of support, managed IT solutions, or even just contact us to discuss your needs to see if we could help.