Complete IT Management

IT Management reduces the risk of downtime and limits negative performance impacts for business and its employees.  Our service level agreements (SLA's) let you know exactly what to expect in terms of standard response times, on-going system monitoring and systems that our support services are responsible for.
Each client is different but as a general example our IT management services can cover the below areas:

  • Technical Support
      ○ Unlimited Hours*
      ○ On site visits
      ○ Remote Support: Email, Remote Access, Phone

  • Servers:
      ○ Maintenance
      ○ Repairs/Patching/Troubleshooting
      ○ Upgrades
      ○ Technical Support

  • Computers:
      ○ General Maintenance
      ○ Repairs*
      ○ Upgrades*
      ○ Technical Support

  • Software:
      ○ Maintenance: Upgrades/Patching/Troubleshooting
      ○ Software Patches & Upgrades*